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X-Wing and TIE Fighter Engagement Rings - Paul Michael Design

In case you weren’t aware, it’s kind of a huge deal for a spy to wear personal jewelry in public. (x)

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brb drowning myself in the toilet

I work at a gelato shop and two people in the same day asked what Strawberry tasted like. I wasn’t sure how to respond without making them feel insulted.

Had to stop halfway through to reblog this just to give myself a break.

things i’ll probably delete in the morning.


What’s frustrating and what I wish I could explain to people is that I simply don’t have enough time. There are not enough hours in the day for me to grade, prep, plan, read, and answer emails. Even when I see people, even when I smile and listen and talk and have a great time I’m not all there. You think I am because it’s been so long since I’ve been all anywhere that no one knows the difference anymore, but I’m not. Part of my brain is always thinking about the 125 papers I need grade because next week I’m getting 125 more and the week after that I’ll meet with 125 students so that the week after that I’ll get 125 more. It’s never-ending. There is no break. I choose to not grade sometimes because I know, as a rational human being, that I cannot do it all the time. I know that’s unhealthy. I know I’ll collapse and cry and go crazy but even knowing that I still want to. Part of me resents every second of every day I’m not working because I know every second of every day I’m not working is a second of another day I’ll have to make up.

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47 Stunning photographs of people around the world.

this is one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]


I’m super interested in how Mjolnir worked in this scene, because we never see it have any abilities of its own, beyond that it can be called to Thor’s hand, which is what we see here… except it already has momentum and a lot of it.  I’m assuming that, rather than having the inherent power of flight (because it doesn’t, nor can Thor fly—HE DOESN’T FLY, HE HURLS MJOLNIR AND THEN HANGS ON FOR THE RIDE, I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS POINT) the way it was summoned left it with enough momentum that it carried Thor on over to the dungeons.  I like to assume that Thor has some control over the speed at which Mjolnir flies to him, that he can use THAT creatively, but there’s no inherent flight in it.  He can’t fly higher, he’s just… gliding, really.

But the other cool thing about this scene is, hey, we see Thor’s cape unfurling BEFORE his hand ever touches Mjolnir.  I guess you could argue proximity to the hammer allowed him the magic necessary to summon the cape, but I prefer that Thor actually does have inherent magic, just that it’s a pretty basic level and he mostly only uses it for things like summoning armor.  That he prefers using Mjolnir, because it’s a good focus and conductor, but all the stuff we see Thor doing with magic or powers (the ridiculous strength, the power over weather, the armor summoning) are his own, just… focused, with Mjolnir.  And not the same as what Frigga and Loki (and Odin?) have, because there’s no glowing light like we see with them.


That’s a really great commentary—as always—and I’m going to reblog this in here if you permit for future reference.

Ah, magic on Asgard.

We still don’t know to what extent magic is a part of Asgardian daily life, or if it’s such an advanced level of their technology that it’s used only under particular circumstances… In fact, we still don’t know what magic could be, since we’d been told in Thor that it was Unexplained Science whereas The Dark World showed us people with a singular talent for casting (holographic?) illusions and called it magic. And never spoke much of Asgardian magitech again.

As I often remark, The Age of Ultron is going to introduce (properly) the M.C.U. version of the comics’ Mutants (referred to as “Miracles”), human beings with psionic abilities; it would seem like these could be the result of shady medical experiences rather than a natural gift, but on the other hand Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did introduce people with an innate talent in pyrokinesis, for instance—in any case, this could mean that psionics are likely to become a gift of nature rather than of science, which wouldn’t be without posing problems to our conception of M.C.U. magitech so far, as inspired by Arthur C. Clarke’s infamous law.

Given that Mjöllnir seems to be D.N.A.-locked and its usage depends on certain conditions (only Thor may hold and wield it but Odin can talk it into compliance, plus, yes, wield it as well) it would appear that magic is sometimes something you acquire on Asgard, and which can be meant for your sole use, but does that imply having magical abilities prior? At the very least at a latent stage?

One thing we can be sure of is that magic, whatever it is exactly, tends to be shaped by the one who wields it and concentrates in a rather specific talent: Lorelei’s only ability is to command people with a certain set of chromosomes to do her bidding through voice; Frigga and Loki project images of themselves and of their surroundings; as for Thor, he seems to channel his power through Mjöllnir, and that includes the summoning of pieces of armour—and we may remember from The Avengers how this could well be an integral feature of Asgardian armours, actually.

I need to kidnap a bunch of filmmakers right now. Who’s with me?!